Quick Spa, an international leader in the production of nautical equipment, has launched a new video today, “Quick Gyro: Reliable Stability” providing a 360° overview of the Quick Gyro stabilizer including production stages within the company, and statements from boatbuilders using the equipment on board their models.  ”From production details to important collaborations with leading boatbuilders, this video conveys the importance of having a Quick Gyro on board,” the company stated.  

Designed and engineered by Quick, the MC² Quick Gyro stabilizer is equipped with a mass revolving around a horizontal axis. This solution results in lower mechanical stress, less friction and therefore lower heat output. The system is air-cooled and therefore, does not require water pumps or seawater inlets, like water-cooled systems do.

During the making of the video, Quick Spa opened the doors of its production site in Italy where the company produces every single component of the gyro stabilizer.  It is then assembled and tested for at least twelve hours, with the support of a platform that simulates situations of maximum stress and roll. Everything is done internally within the company.

“We are proud to introduce our gyroscopic “treasure” to the whole world,” commented Michele Marzucco, President & CEO at Quick SpA. “Only by showing its production process – developed totally within our factory – are we able to convey the advantages of the Quick gyro stabilizer and its essential values: technology, innovation but also care of the details and, last but not least, Made in Italy, which today means high quality and sense of belonging more than ever before”.

Among the company’s boatbuilder partners featured on the video are Nimbus, Maritimo, Hanse Yachts and Pardo Yachts discussing how Quick stabilizers help them meet customer expectations for comfort and stability on board their boats.

”The testimonies featured on the ’Reliable Stability’ video illustrate the trust that the Quick Gyro Stabilizers are attaining and the success they are achieving internationally,” the company concluded.