Exhibitors in the USA Pavilion are nearly unanimous in their assessment that METSTRADE 2018 was a “great show”

Exhibitors in the USA Pavilion are nearly unanimous in their assessment that METSTRADE 2018 was a “great show”, down in large part to the number of new and qualified attendees drawn to the event by show organisers RAI. Show attendance is reportedly up 5% this year.

USA Pavilion


According to Julie Balzano, Senior Export Director for the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which hosts the USA Pavilion, her measure of success is the success of her member exhibitors.

“We don’t have any influence over the show – outside of our specific efforts – so our focus is to ensure that we deliver quality activities and support for our members within the footprint of the show, which enhance their efforts by providing them time saving support and value-added components including our on-site branding, MEET B4 METS dinner, onsite support and introductions to leads,” Balzano told IBI after the show.

Balzano conducted a preliminary review of exhibitor surveys compiled by NMMA, which are used to evaluate and improve components of the USA Pavilion. Included in the feedback, exhibitors shared the value of attending METSTRADE.

“The USA Pavilion at METSTRADE is the only way to meet with our global customers, suppliers and industry peers in three day,” wrote Len Nelson of Absolute Outdoor Inc.

First-time exhibitor Doug Edwards of Dock Blocks said: “Being able to meet face-to-face with potential distributors from all over the globe really hammers home the value of exhibiting at METSTRADE,” while veteran attendee David Rose of Bennett Marine explained: “If a company brings the proper amount of staff and schedules most of the meetings prior to arrival, METSTRADE will be their most productive show of the year, every year.”

Balzano told IBI that the USA Pavilion could easily grow larger, “but in order to ensure quality and deliver top-notch service to our members, it will remain comparable in size for 2019. So, if any company is interested in joining the pavilion for METSTADE 2019, it’s in their best interest to connect with the NMMA as early in the process as possible.”