Italian marine industry association hosts press conference in Milan

Italian marine industry association UCINA held a press conference at the Milan headquarters of newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore on Monday, where speakers gave details of what to expect at this year’s Genoa International Boat Show.

Marco Bucci, the Mayor of Genoa, addressed a crowded audience in the wake of the Morandi Bridge disaster, as did Admiral Nicola Carlone, Liguria’s maritime director and commander of the Port of Genoa; Giovanni Toti, president of the region of Liguria; UCINA president Carla Demaria; and Piergiorgio Borgogelli, director general of Italian trade agency ITA.

This year’s Genoa show, which runs from September 20-25, will be the first international showcase for the city after the tragic events concerning the Morandi bridge. “The Genoa International Boat Show is an important opportunity to show the world that Genoa is thriving and is set on becoming the Mediterranean’s leading city,” said Mayor Marco Bucci.

“The Morandi bridge tragedy will not discourage this growing trend. I expect to see an excellent boat show with more exhibitors and visitors than in 2017. Genoa will offer its best in art, leisure and events, the high quality of which will surpass even that of last year’s edition.”

As for road access, the city of Genoa is working on opening a new road that will be accessible before the opening of the show. “For now, the roads are already back to functioning as they should, so I am positive there will be no mobility issues when it comes to the show,” said the Mayor.

Giovanni Toti, president of the region of Liguria, said it was important to remain united. “This is the message that has come across during these past days and it will be the same throughout the international boat show,” he said.

“The boat show has shown me an unparalleled level of willpower and tenacity for 58 editions. It will be the first event where the enthusiasm and dedication with which we have worked so hard will be showcased not just to the rest of Italy, but to the entire world. It will be a brilliant show and a perfect chance to see a beautiful city and its country reborn after such a tragic event.”

UCINA president Carla Demaria said that this year’s show will be the greatest to date. “The international boat show is fully aware of its responsibility to prove Genoa is capable of giving its all to overcome such a tragedy,” she said. “We have been hard at work, in respectful silence, because we felt a heavy sense of responsibility towards both the companies of our industry and the city that hosts the show. It is clear that the international boat show is a tool worth protecting. No-one hesitated. For 58 years we have proudly given our all for Genoa.”

The 58th Genoa International Boat Show will be held in what is generally considered a favourable global, European and Italian economic context. This is particularly true of the Italian boating industry, which is currently undergoing double-digit growth in terms of overall revenue. The data comes from the latest edition of La Nautica in Cifre, compiled by UCINA’s Market Research Department, in partnership with the Edison Foundation and Italian leasing association Assilea, and under the patronage of the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport.

“The domestic market continues to grow (+15.4%), boosted by the leasing sector which recorded a 58% increase in stipulated contracts in 2017,” says the report. “In the first five months of 2018, leasing recorded a 29% growth in value compared to the same period of the previous year.”

There will be 948 exhibitors at the Genoa show this year – a 7.2% increase compared to 2017 – and 62 new entries, of which 58% will be from abroad. There will also be four specialised ‘shows within a show’ – accessories and components (covering a 12,000sq m area to accommodate a 16.8% increase in exhibitors), outboards (a 22,000sq m display area and 24,000sq m of water surface for 23% more exhibitors), sailing (over 16,000sq m of display area and 18,000sq m of water surface), and yachts & superyachts (up 13% with 46 more boats over a 21,000sq m display area and 62,000sq m of water surface).

“As confirmation of the global significance of the event, there will be 73 journalists from the world’s most important newspapers and 87 foreign buyers from 27 countries,” said Demaria. “Already, more than 800 events have been scheduled involving 1648 Italian operators.”

The flagships of the Genoa show will be, for sails, the Mylius 80’ and, for motors, the new 48m T-Line from the Baglietto shipyard.