Third-quarter sales of pre-owned motorboats climbed by 40%

Sales in the Netherlands of pre-owned open cockpit motorboats surged by 40% in the third quarter compared to the same time last year, according to the NBMS brokers federation, a member of HISWA Holland Marine Industry.

“We just had an excellent quarter. Apart from a rise in sales we also saw the average listing time being cut in half to 110 days,” says Michael Steenhoff, head of yacht-building at HISWA Holland Marine Industry.

The Q3 results completes a year-long run of steady growth in both the number of used motor and sail boats sold in the Netherlands and in the prices they fetched.

Steenhoff said in Q3, the gap between asking and sale prices narrowed.

He said good weather has been a boon for the industry in 2018, along with continued strong demand for motoryachts from foreign buyers.

In Q3 2018, sales of pre-owned sailboats showed only a slight uptick compared to the same 2017 period.