VMH subsidiary Excalibur Trailers USA to begin manufacturing by year’s end

Victory Marine Holdings (VMH) is launching its own trailer line to be built in Miami, Florida. Excalibur Trailers USA, Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of VMH is on schedule to begin manufacturing by year’s end in a 7,000sq ft leased facility.

Orlando Hernandez, the yacht brokerage’s CEO, said in a company statement: “95% of powerboats are less than 26ft in length. Most of these boats are sold with a trailer and allow our company to expand into a market with very strong demand and a very high volume of sales.”

Hernandez also reported that the company continues to pursue its own line of boats to be built offshore. “We are getting closer to completing an agreement that would enable us to manufacture overseas under strict supervision and quality control to satisfy the US demand on new boat sales.”

The move into these two market segments, according to the company, will increase revenue and profit margins.

“These manufacturing facilities will create whole new profit centers for the company and truly enable the company to be fully diversified within the boating sector to reach revenues from all spectrums of the market. These level of strength and diversity will earn us strong market share and significant profits,” Hernandez said.