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  • The clean lines of inboard power, as exhibited by a Castagnola Heritage 9.9

    Happy times for the ‘in’ crowd

    2022-09-12T13:46:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    While pandemic-driven demand for boats of all kinds has buoyed sales of inboard and sterndrive power, new innovations and demographic shifts toward boat categories traditionally powered by internal engines could see sales growth continue well into the future

  • Schmitt & Ongaro

    Polyurethane Destroyer Wheel


    Schmitt & Ongaro Marine’s Polyurethane Destoyer Wheel features a durable covered rim that provides the positive grip needed for optimal control when running in foul weather. Ideal for OEM and aftermarket installation, it makes the perfect addition to RIBs, skiffs, runabouts and small workboats. Available in 35.5cm and 40.5cm diameters, ...

  • Seakeeper Ride

    Seakeeper Ride


    Seakeeper Ride is a Vessel Attitude Control System (VACS) that eliminates up to 70% of underway pitch and roll. Initially it will be available as standard equipment only on select models from Sportsman Boats, ChrisCraft Boats, and Scout Boats, but there are plans to increase OEM offerings in the coming ...

  • Mercury Pro Kicker

    Mercury four-stroke outboards


    Mercury Marine’s next generation of 25hp and 30hp four-stroke outboards feature a three-cylinder, 500cc powerhead with electronic fuel injection. For the first time, electric-start models in 25hp and 30hp come standard with Mercury SmartCraft digital technologies, allowing boaters to connect to advanced digital gauges and to mobile devices through VesselView ...

  • GTechniq

    Gtechniq polishing and cleaning line


    Gtechniq Marine’s multi-stage Polish, Metal Restoration Polish, Water Spot Remover and UV Wash are the perfect tools for keeping a boat looking brand new. Unlike traditional polishes that cut a surface, Gtechniq Marine MultiStage Polish contains nanoscale alpha alumina particles that reflow the surface. This causes significantly ...

  • AMS telescopic Mast CRN MY ATLANTE

    AMS telescopic mast with self-cleaning system


    ITALY’S AMS HAS developed what it says is the first telescopic mast with a self-cleaning water-jet system. The patent-pending device ensures effective automatic cleaning of the mast’s outer surface, eliminating the risk of scratches from debris or foreign objects, and is an integratable solution for yachts over 50m that need ...

  • man-v12x-cover

    MAN V12X engine


    MAN’S 30-LITRE V12X yacht engine generates 2,200hp (1618kW) at 2,300rpm, making it the most powerful model in the company’s high-speed diesel line-up for recreational boats. “The MAN V12X marks the start of the next generation of yacht engines,” says MAN Engines head of engineering, Werner Kübler. “We are acknowledging this ...

  • Garmin PanoptixLiveScopeXR_HR_3000

    Garmin LiveScope XR sonar


    LIVESCOPE XR FROM Garmin is a livescanning sonar with the longest range on the market, the company claims. It delivers real-time images of fish and structures, displaying views around the boat in up to 500ft of freshwater and up to 350ft in saltwater. Now optimised for deeper water, the sonar ...

  • Article

    Gobius C tank sensor


    GOBIUS SENSOR TECHNOLOGY of Sweden gives boat owners 100% control of the levels in all kinds of marine tanks with its new Gobius C tank monitor system. A sensor is mounted on top of the boat’s tank and measures through the plastic tank wall. For metal tanks it uses the ...

  • Paul Strzeleki_border

    Paul Strzelecki | Developing the right business culture

    2022-08-25T14:38:00Z IBI , by Paul Strzelecki

    ”Such times require blood, sweat and laser focus,” writes Strzlecki. “Developing the right culture is a critical way a business can turn challenges into opportunities.”

  • 2020 - Barbara (2)

    Insider | Permare Commercial Director Barbara Amerio

    2022-08-24T15:10:00Z IBI , by Ed Slack

    On the eve of its 50th anniversary, Amer Yachts’ Barbara Amerio talks to IBI about the ongoing drive for sustainability, equality and why the collaborative approach is not just rewarding, but vital

  • Crescent yacht Danzante Bay

    Overview: A two-sided coin


    As the summer of 2022 fades into autumn two very different stories are unfolding in the Canadian leisure marine sector, with yacht builders and dealerships bracing for the impact of a new luxury tax as equipment manufacturers expand to support future growth

  • Cover1_IBI_AUGSEPT_3-2

    IBI Aug | Sep digital issue

    This issue of IBI looks at the major boating markets across Europe with the latest economic indicators and industry commentary discussing the prospect for consumer demand in the context of increasing macro-economic headwinds. We also provide a new update on the Canadian market including the expected impact of the ...

  • Cover1_IBI_AUGSEPT_3-2
  • Knut Frostad on boat_Jun 2022

    Knut Frostad on sustainability and technology


    Outgoing Navico President Knut Frostad talks to IBI about how the industry has changed in the years since he joined the marine electronics giant and where the business is heading with new technology

  • AllSalt plant

    P&A: Full speed ahead

    2022-07-18T09:28:00Z By Craig Ritchie,

    High demand for boats and marine equipment worldwide has Canadian parts and accessory manufacturers investing in new product launches and facility expansions to drive future growth

  • IBI Cover_Jun-Jul 2022_3-2

    IBI Jun | Jul digital issue

    This issue of IBI looks at the sizzling-hot US boat market by segment, along with a listing of key Movers & Shakers in American boatbuilding. After the US, Poland is the world’s next biggest producer of small motorboats, so IBI checks in on how the country’s experienced builders are responding ...

  • IBI Cover_Jun-Jul 2022_3-2
  • Dockmate

    Product | Dockmate DockControl2 software


    WIRELESS REMOTE-CONTROL SYSTEMS manufacturer Dockmate’s new software, 

  • Hexcel

    Product guide | HeyPly Nature range


    HEXCEL’S HEXPLY NATURE range combines