The final day of the Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference in Singapore brought presentations on the developing destination markets in the Asia Pacific region.

The day started with an update on the Australian industry presented by Mary Anne Edwards, CEO of Superyacht Australia, followed by a very informative presentation by Captain Richard Morris on how the governments of Fiji and Tahiti have adopted a very positive attitude to attracting superyachts to the islands. According to Morris, some 50 large superyachts visit Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji each year.

Marinas for superyachts in Asia was a topic addressed by leading marina manufacturers Ilkka Seppala, the CEO of Marinetek, and John Hogan, CEO of Superior Marinas. The importance of leaving pre-conceived ideas behind when dealing with Asian marina developers was emphasized with a growing trend for state-of-the-art architecture with regard to clubhouse designs and the importance of the club to the overhaul success of marina in Asia.

The marina market in Korea was shown to be growing at a very fast rate with over 40 marina projects, 14 of which are already due to be completed by the end of 2012. Many of these marinas are already being designed to accommodate superyachts.

The event leads up to the three-day Singapore Yacht Show, which starts on Friday, April 27 at the One 15 Marina Club in Singapore.

The Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference was organized by the Informa Yacht Group in collaboration with the Singapore Superyacht Association.