The 9.5m sportsboat is set to revolutionise the electric boat market

The Domani E32 is one of three boats nominated for a Boat of the Year Award at HISWA

The Domani E32 has been nominated for a HISWA Boat of the Year Award

The Domani E32, one of the most advanced sports boat designs on the market, is scheduled to launch at the 2019 HISWA In-Water Boat Show in early September.

First announced at boot Düsseldorf earlier this year, the Domani E32 offers outstanding performance for an electric boat and is set to revolutionise the electric boat market.

The 9.5m Domani E32 is fitted with an electric propulsion system supplied by Torqeedo and features one of its 80hp Deep Blue motors coupled to a conventional shaft and propeller drive.

Electric power is supplied by a Torqeedo-branded battery system that uses 40kWh Samsung lithium ion batteries – identical to those installed in the BMW i3 electric car. They can be recharged in four hours in fast mode, or 13 hours in standard charging mode.

Alternatively, the boat can be supplied with a hybrid mode with an onboard battery charging generator that powers the electric engine.

The maximum range of the Domani E32 is 100Nm when sailing at 5kt but a top speed of over 20kt is possible over shorter distances. This performance has been partly achieved by reducing the weight by using advanced composites to give an overall weight of between 2000kg-2200kg depending on the outfitting. Domani claims that the lightness will make the ride in waves softer and more comfortable for those on board as well as saving energy which means lower consumption.

A unique feature of the Domani E32 is the fitting of a gyro stabiliser that will reduce roll both at sea and at anchor. The boat is being offered in three versions: hard top, soft top or open, and the styling includes the fashionable vertical bow combined with a classic look reminiscent of the old classics. Basic overnight accommodation can be incorporated under the foredeck.

Domami Yachts is a new company started by Jaap de Jonge in Belgium, first building the successful S30 day sailer. For the electric motorboat, the company went to Belgian designers Bosgraaf and Anthierens and the aim was to build an efficient hull design that would make the most of the power available from the electric motor.

The Domani E32 is one of three yachts nominated for Boat of the Year at HISWA.