The Scape Sport 40 is nearing completion in Cape Town

The epoxy Scape Sport 40 weighs just under five tonnes

The epoxy Scape Sport 40 weighs just under five tonnes

South African builder Scape Yachts has developed a modified ‘sport’ version of its Scape 39 catamaran, which is nearing completion at its Cape Town yard.

The Scape Sport 40 is a lighter, faster open-deck formulation based on input from several local stakeholders and the owner himself, who is an avid open ocean sailor. It is due to start sea trials soon.

Yard manager Kevin Knight told IBI the model is aimed at breaking into the mainstream sailing market. “We have predominantly done day-charter but the idea was to try and break into mainstream sailing boats,” Knight said. “Obviously our big challenge with commercial boats was never having the American market.” He said the plan was to show the boat at next year’s Miami boat show.

The epoxy Scape Sport 40 weighs just under five tonnes, due partly to a reduced number of cabins (just two). Knight said the design was a “Simonis-Voogd platform with some flare from Anton du Toit… and input from owners and builders.

“I don’t think we could get much more modern. In boating you have to update your range every four or five years otherwise your boats do look old.”

New owner Brad Rayson describes the boat as “a whole paradigm shift for cats.” Said Rayson: “The whole top has been changed, the freeboard has changed, made higher, but the bones of the boat are the Scape 39, now a 40-footer.”

Rayson believes the boat has the potential to streak ahead of the pack in its class. “It might not appeal totally to a novice sailor, not until you know what sailing is about.”

“It will be super quick but also a cruiser,” he said.