Polish boat brand N’Fun Yachting has used the London Boat Show to announce its entry into the UK market. The company, which started operating in 2014, has appointed Mark Sharp, based in Worthing, to represent it.

N’Fun Yachting has to date built one model, the N’Fun 30, of which seven have been built with further orders from Italy and the UK. Sharp told IBI: “ The model were are exhibiting at the London Boat Show is the Polish demonstrator but that will return when we get our own demonstrator later this year.”

N’Fun Yachting builds its yachts in Gizycko, in Poland’s Lakeland region. The N’Fun 30 is built using advanced technologies, vaccum infusion, carbon rigging and membrane sails. It was designed by Marek Stanczyk, founder of N’Fun Yachting and a National Sailing Champion of Poland.

The boat is 8.9m (29.2ft) long and it holds an IRC rating of 0.981. Its mainsail is of 25sq m and it can also have a spinnaker up to 100sq m. Depending on specs, the cost of the yacht ranges from £45,000 to £55,000.

Stanczyk told IBI: “In addition to the N’Fun 30 were are also working on a foil version using the same hull.” So far sales have been made to Italy Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK and Poland.