Brooklin Boat Yard in Maine (USA), has announced the launch of Dreadnought, a 14m (49ft) Jim Taylor-designed sloop. The launch, scheduled on June 9, 2014 at Center Harbor.

The cold-moulded yacht is a lightweight, performance-oriented sloop with a traditional aesthetic above the waterline and a modern underbody below. Commissioned by a repeat customer of Brooklin Boat Yard, Dreadnought was developed specifically for single- or double-handed sailing on New England coastal waters as well as occasional competitive racing in a range of classes.

The new yacht features a waterline length of 35.1ft and an 11.6-foot beam. Long overhangs increase the boat’s effective sailing length and stability with heel. This traditional feature is coupled with an underwater canoe body shape that’s rounded with low deadrise for less drag, especially in choppy water and during manoeuvres. Her fin keel and spade rudder also reduce wetted area while lowering her vertical centre of gravity for increased stability. Since the yacht will sail mostly northeastern ports, her keel’s leading edge is swept aft to shed weeds and lobster pots. Her saildrive features a folding prop to also minimize the risk of fouling.