Trimaran manufacturer Corsair Marine has revamped the specs of its new one design Pulse 600 class.

Trimaran manufacturer Corsair Marine has revamped the specs of its new one design Pulse 600 class.

“The Pulse 600 has been designed like no other trimaran on the market today,” CEO Kresimir Secak says. “Corsair Marine took this project from a concept sketch to the water in just under eight months and now another 10 months later we have over 30 boats launched worldwide.”

All aspects of this design have been developed from the ground up and the entire system has been thoroughly engineered and tested.

The builder says the new Pulse 600 features three major improvements, including a redesign of the mast, a larger, fuller spinnaker and redesigned rudder construction.

“The original mast used the most appropriate section that was available on the market. Whilst this has worked just fine on all boats launched and tested, our engineers warned the extrusion thickness was borderline,” Corsair says in a statement.

Corsair says it wanted the boat to be bulletproof and safe for the whole family, but there was just not enough safety margin in the rpevious design  to be comfortable with and would not allow for any increased downwind sail area which they felt the boat needed.

The builder therefore decided to redesign its own custom made wing mast section, specifically for the Pulse 600.

“We have a die made and have now been supplying this new stiffer wing mast on all recently launched pulses along with the new spinnaker design which is roughly 20% larger in size,” the builder says.

Corsair is seriously backing the One Design program for the Pulse 600 class and to ensure all boats are eligible it has then supplied new masts and spinnakers to all customers who ordered boats with the original setup.

“We also experienced some failures with a new construction technique we had implemented for our rudder and rudder case. If successful this would have seen impressive weight savings. Unfortunately the test boats experienced load stresses or failures of these parts and so we have reverted to our proven construction method using a carbon fibre ribbed core. A method commonly used on our larger trimarans,” the company explains.

In addition, Corsair Marine says it has over 30 boats now shipped and its dealer network is forecasting up to 100 orders for 2016.

To cope with the recent and ongoing growth of the class Corsair has adopted manufacturing techniques common throughout the automotive industry to reduce lead-times and increase output capacity. “Corsair now has the ability to produce two Pulse 600’s per week to keep up with demand,” the company says in a statement.

In addition to Pulse 60, Corsair Marine produces the Sprint, Dash, Corsair and Cruze line of trimarans ranging 6m-11m. Its manufacturing facility is located in Vietnam.

The Kings Cup regatta hosted Thailand’s 3rd Pulse 600 One Design event this year. Teh boats race under their own start and follow the 2015 OD rules draft. The fleet also meets for fortnightly races at Thailand’s Chalong Yacht Club.