Couach shipyard in France has announced the delivery of Belongers, its second 50-metre yacht following a series of intensive sea trials.

Couach shipyard in France has announced the delivery of Belongers, its second 50-metre yacht following a series of intensive sea trials.

Christophe Kloeckner, president of Couach shipyard, comments: “Thanks to the innovations developed on this new 50-metre unit, Couach reasserts the identity of the brand: intelligent shipbuilding and technological superiority, reflected in navigation comfort. Beyond these words, we highly appreciate the admiration and extreme satisfaction expressed by the owner’s experience sailing his Couach. Couach’s R&D department is currently working on new technological innovations that contribute towards improving comfort, in order to maintain and strengthen this leadership.”

The innovative aspect of this new unit is the level of comfort it obtains thanks to SilentCab and VRS (Vibration Reduction System) technology and with it Couach claims it has redefined the standards of on-board comfort, offering a new sailing experience on one of the fastest yachts in its category.

Couach hulls, already renowned for its sea keeping qualities, make each cruise a genuine experience where safety, power and fluidity prevail. On board Belongers, the on-board comfort is the plus point that makes this yacht exceptional.

The outer layer of Belongers, very similar to La Pellegrina (Couach 5000 FLY #01), in all reality hides a major technical revolution. Faced with the challenge of a particularly demanding owner, Couach has completely revisited the design of its 5000 FLY to meet the level of comfort required (in terms of noise and vibrations), both moored and at sea.

Developed by Couach’s R&D department following an exhaustive study carried out in conjunction with the Van Kapelen acoustics expertise agency, the exclusive suspension system SilentCabTM consists of disengaging the cabins from the source of vibrations. As if suspended, the cabins are isolated from the noises and vibrations caused particularly by the generators and engines.

VRSTM complements SilentCabTM by providing an adequate and systematic response to vibrations generated by all the on-board systems. The complexity of vibration phenomena on the different navigation regimes and the interactions between different materials makes it necessary to establish a model and to analyse each parameter. It is the shipyard’s capacity to both take all these parameters and their interfaces into account and to implement a mix of preventive or corrective measures that makes it possible to achieve the performances obtained.

The builder says this has been successful, with noise and vibration test results far exceeding the ambitious objectives set by the owner.

“With just 42 db at 12 knots, noise levels in the owner’s cabin are well below those of the quietest luxury sedan car,” reads a statement. “When moored, levels drop to 35 db; comparable with the sound of wind rustling through the trees.”

Equally, particular attention has been paid to vibrations, which are often a source of discomfort. Vibration tests display the same level of excellence with, for example, 1,78 mm/s measured in the upper deck saloon at 12 knots, against an average of 3 mm/s on most yachts on the market.

Its top speed of 28,3 knots, measured on heavy seas, makes Belongers one of the fastest boats in its category. This, associated with its unique hull, makes it possible to navigate in delicate weather conditions with the required reserves of power.

This second Couach 5000 FLY unit also offers efficient energy consumption and transatlantic autonomy at cruise speed.

The shipyard has chosen to work with composite materials for this project. The overall construction of Belongers has benefited from the scrupulous follow-up provided by Wintherbotham surveyors.