Poland's Delphia Yachts has acquired Sweden's Maxi Yachts from its present owner, Nord West Najad.

“Delphia Yachts has bought the brand name Maxi Yachts including models Maxi 1060, Maxi 1300 and Maxi SM 40, which they intend to go on producing,” says Jessica Martinsson, deputy managing director of Nord West & Najad AB.

Maxi Yachts, designed by world champion and Olympics medallist Pelle Petterson, is one of Scandinavia's best known sailing brands, with approximately 16,000 boats sold mostly in the 80s. Many of the boats are still in use with a stable value on the used boat market.

In a press release Delphia Yachts writes:

“It is the firm opinion of Delphia Yachts Kot sp. j., that Maxi yachts deserves to continue to produce fine craft to allow future generations of sailors to forge their character on board such excellent vessels. Therefore, we regard the acquisition of Maxi Yachts as part of Delphia’s strategic development, going the extra mile to meet clients’ expectations, always seeking new solutions and continuously increasing our product range. The range currently features 10 sailboats, three house boats, and some 20 classic models of motorboats and speedboats. Maxi models complement the current Delphia line-up and therefore it is our intention to breathe new life into such beautiful and inspired designs.

All Maxi yachts will be produced at Delphia Yachts shipyard. At first Delphia plans to restart the production of existing models (Maxi 1300, Maxi 1060 and SM 40) and hopes for the future increase of Maxi Yachts fleet. The positioning of Maxi brand remains unchanged.”