Contest Yachts’ solar efforts to power 90% of its annual electricity.

Contest Yachts has gone solar in a big way. The Dutch builder of bluewater cruising yachts says it has completed phase one of a solar photovoltaic (PV) power system to reduce operational costs.

The company’s new system includes 1,270 265w modules (PV panels) that sit on 1,650sq m of its production facility’s roof.

The panels are connected to 10 SolarEdge inverters to maximise output. The system will generate 336kW or 300,000kWh annually.

“In plain speak, that’s the equivalent of powering 100 homes yearly or 90% of Contest Yachts’ current draw on the grid,” says Arien Conjin, CEO, in a statement.

“We are delighted with this new clean energy contribution to the continual improvements we are making to the management and operation of our assets and construction methodologies.”

Conjin said that Contest is “among the pinnacle” of Holland’s leading yacht builders to make the commitments to better long-term sustainability.

“Reducing our call on the national power grid is not just good for us but for the economy and the environment,” he adds. “Holland is renowned for renewable energy and we are proud to play our part.”