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  • mandareport

    IBI review: the year industry M&A activity hit $10 billion in value

    2022-04-29T10:21:00Z IBI , by Arlene Sloan

    2021 was a remarkable year for the boating industry in many ways – including the realm of mergers and acquisitions – where IBI reported on more than 150 global transactions last year with a total deal value in the neighbourhood of some $10 billion and return of private equity ...

  • Trevor Burgess

    A New Type of Shore Power

    2022-04-26T14:23:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    A new shore power connection that uses magnets in place of the traditional plug-and-socket promises greater safety and added capabilities – including the ability to fast-charge electric boats

  • Fossile Free Marine Co-founder Karl-Oska Tjernström

    Electrification: will charging be the main choke point?

    2022-04-11T10:15:00Z IBI , by Ed Slack

    IBI talkes to Fossil Free Marine co-founder Karl-Oska Tjernström about the company’s vision for fossil-free boating through flexible, scalable infrastructure solutions

  • Issam Mudawar research team at Purdue - IBI

    Recharging electric boats in five minutes flat

    2022-04-11T10:00:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    There is much to like about electric boats – except the amount of time it takes to recharge their batteries. But a new high-tech cable developed in the US could cut recharge times to minutes.

  • Charging instrastructure vs sales growth in new electric cars

    New electric cars significantly outpace charging infrastructure

    2022-04-11T09:00:00Z IBI , by Arlene Sloan

    The auto industry is already placing hundreds of models of low- and zero-emission vehicles on the market, but has serious concerns about the slow deployment of the infrastructure needed to charge and refuel these vehicles.

  • Jeremia Clark_Lowrance_3-2

    Jeremiah Clark


    Executive Vice President, Lowrance

  • NTU battery researchers

    Hiding battery packs in sails

    2022-03-28T14:52:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    One of the greatest barriers to electrifying smaller cruising sailboats is finding sufficient space for battery packs below decks. But a new flexible battery technology could solve that problem by using the sails for power storage

  • Energy saving glass NTU Singapore

    Windows that heat and cool

    For years window glazings have relied on heat-reflective coatings to reduce their greenhouse effect. But a new type of glass being developed by researchers in Singapore adjusts its spectral transmission to help actively cool or heat interior spaces as required

  • The ability to generate hydrogen gas from water could theoretically give all boats unlimited range

    Creating hydrogen fuel from water

    IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    As hydrogen emerges as a potential future fuel for boats and luxury yachts, a team of researchers in California have pioneered a method to create hydrogen gas from water, a concept that could give hydrogen-powered boats unlimited range

  • Shark Skin

    Do sharks hold the key to reducing fuel consumption?

    IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    An innovative film – patterned after shark skin – that reduces fuel consumption on aircraft could have far-reaching impacts in the leisure boating sector

  • Martini 6 head on

    The next generation in stabilisation?

    IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    While traditional stabilisers counter rolling seas with fins and gyros, a different approach that suspends the main hull above the waves on an articulating platform could deliver the smoothest ride yet

  • Popcorn board

    Insulation you can eat

    2022-03-04T11:13:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    Synthesised composites are widely used in boat construction, for everything from interior insulation to the cores of laminated panels. Yet the complex nature of these materials can represent a challenge for boat builders aiming to make their products more easily recyclable at the end of their service life. A group ...

  • FLIR camera array onboard Soleil

    Ships that drive themselves

    2022-03-04T10:35:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    The steady march toward the development of fully autonomous boats took a giant leap forward in late January when a Japanese car ferry completed a 149-mile voyage through the Iyonada Sea, successfully departing port, completing the crossing and docking at its final destination without human intervention. In January ...

  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology profs

    Paint-on solar panels

    2022-03-04T10:06:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    With the growing electrification of boats, demand on batteries has never been greater. The answer to keeping them happily charged could lie in photo-sensitive paints that can effectively turn the entire yacht into a single massive solar panel

  • Soybeans

    Are soybeans the seats of the future?

    2022-02-26T14:22:00Z IBI , by Craig Ritchie

    While plant-based resins aren’t new, rising oil prices and a global rethink of supply chains have sparked renewed interest in the use of bio-resins for seat cushions and more.  Using soy-based seats since 2008, Ford has significantly reduced its CO2 emissions.

  • Redwood Plant Render

    Reimagining EV battery technology

    2022-02-26T12:14:00Z By Craig Ritchie,

    Electric propulsion systems are clearly the future of boating. But are concerns about batteries – including exactly what happens to them at the end of their service life – simply the tipping point in driving toward a new era of circular supply chains?

  • Las Vegas Convention Center 1

    A glimpse into the future of boating?

    With boats featuring more electronic content than ever and technology playing an ever-growing role in manufacturing, it is no surprise that more and more companies in the leisure marine industry participate in the Consumer Electronics Show each year. In this series, IBI Correspondent Craig Ritchie highlights marine sector technology ...

  • CSI Logo

    Will new entrants stick with boating?


    Across the world, boat builders and dealers have witnessed a surge in boating interest not seen for decades giving rise to a question on everyone’s mind is, “Will it last?” New research from America suggests the answer is a strong Yes!…. if the industry can ward off the risks ...

  • Spirit-Yachts-P40 launch

    Spirit Yachts | UK Boatbuilders

    2022-02-21T12:37:00Z By David Robinson,

    In 2020 the industry was forced to adapt to lockdowns; in 2021 UK builders have been grappling with supply chain and logistical issues and they seek to maximise of unprecedented demand

  • Simrad_52715

    Simrad launches the new, next-gen electronics display


    Opting for a global launch using a virtual platform, Norwegian-based Simrad has unveiled its next generation of navigation electronics with the all-new, ultra user-friendly Simrad NSX, a range of Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) available in 7in, 9in and 12in touch-screen versions. IBI reports on the launch presentation.