Hatteras and Cabo Yachts said they plan to set up the new Hatteras Cabo Yacht Center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. The factory showroom at Billfish Marina is designed to support the Brunswick brands’ dealers by offering “the widest possible line-up” of motoryachts and convertibles for sea trials, according to a statement.

The new center will be near the Cabo Support Center. The statement said new office space and a Hatteras display area will be added in the marina.

"The Hatteras CABO Yacht Center is designed specifically to further support the selling efforts of our dealer network," said John Ward, senior vice president for global sales and marketing for Hatteras and CABO, in a statement. Ward said that the only time dealers could show customers the full range of the two yacht brands was at the Ft Lauderdale and Miami boat shows.

Ward said the yacht center would also be used to host events and conduct training sessions with dealers on new models, construction processes and technologies. The facility is scheduled to open in early September.