The Hurricane Irma repair bill for Blue Haven Marina in the Turks & Caicos islands is set at around US$12m, according to an estimate from IGY, which operates the 100-berth facility.

The marina, located at Leeward on Providenciales island, opened in April 2013 and is able to accommodate yachts of up to 67m (220ft). Adam Foster, the marina’s general manager, told the Turks & Caicos Sun: “All of the marina's line infrastructure, including power services, on-dock water services, fuel pumps and sewage pump-off facilities were ripped apart by strong currents from Irma.”

He indicated that the replacement estimate is still rising as more damage comes to light during the clean-up process. Foster has been at the marina since its start and the facility, which employs around 150 people, has an important economic benefit.

Foster commented: “During the hurricane, a lot of water ran out of the channel and the water level reduced in the Leeward cup. When that water ran back in, it did so at a rapid pace. It was enough to pound the marina for a couple of hours.

“Normally the marina gets about 4kt-worth of current but we estimate that with the hurricane, it got about 15kt-20kt of current,” he said. “The water ran in with so much power that it snapped the wood that holds the marina together. It snapped concrete floats and sections of the dock. The movement from the sheer volume of water and wind cracked nearly every float on the dock. Whatever didn’t blow away was damaged by wind and water.”

It is hoped the marina will be back to full operation in six months, during which time it will receive a complete rehabilitation.