Following the success of the 1st Dubai International Yacht Summit earlier this year, the organisers have revealed details of the second edition to take place on February 27-28, 2019.

The organisers, Fabyachts and P&O Marinas, said: “The first edition of the Dubai Superyacht Summit was held in Mina Rashid Marina, Dubai, with the specific purpose of discussing the opportunities and challenges for the emergence of an Emirati Riviera as a yachting destination, a superyacht hub and a preferred winter destination. The most important aspect of this summit, as it unfolded, was its implicit acknowledgement of how much work there is to accomplish its stated goal – the development of an Emirati Riviera.”

During the first event in February 2018, attended by IBI’s Middle East Correspondent, a notable result was the stimulation of lively discussion among all the parties involved in the superyacht industry, including the relevant government institutions and authorities.

Since the first conference P&O Marinas has maintained a pivotal role as facilitator for continuous discussion with various important government bodies including Customs, Immigration and Dubai Maritime City Authority.

According to the organisers: “A key outcome of the summit is the commitment of government bodies to following up on the issues raised by the delegates and industry. The goodwill and positivity displayed by all parties bodes well for further editions of this summit as we introduce the Dubai International Superyacht Summit 2019 to take place in Dubai in February 2019. This summit will give us the opportunity to capitalise on the gains achieved, while continuing to seek innovative ways to further the interests of the superyacht industry in the UAE.”

The 2018 summit, and other events in Dubai early in 2018 including initiatives by the Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai Tourism, have resulted in the UAE Federal Transport Authority issuing circular No 13 of 2018 entitled Visiting Foreign Yachts, Cruising Permits. This circular announces the introduction of a cruising permit allowing foreign private yachts to cruise uninterrupted in UAE waters for a period of six months, rather than the previous limit of 21 days.

The venue for the Dubai Superyacht Summit 2019 and the programme is to be announced in the coming months.