A legal wrangle over a submerged wooden boat has stopped the construction of a €60m marina in Pula, Croatia. A wooden boat called Moira sank two years ago in front of St Catherine island in Pula, forcing marina builder Koncar to halt plans for a new marina.

The marina was scheduled to start this summer and be completed within a year.

The former owners of the boat, a company called Tigar I Lav, said they offered to remove the wreck within days of its sinking, but bankruptcy trustees have stalled any efforts for two years. The boat sank after Tigar I Lav went into bankruptcy. “This issue can be resolved without a problem,” Pavle Oresnik, former owner of Tigar I Lav, told TotalCroatiaNews.com. “But nothing can be done because of the bankruptcy manager. So much for how responsible he is.”

Oresnik said the boat was worth more than the debts that forced the company into bankruptcy. “If he had sold the boat before it sank, that would have paid off our debts,” he added.

The trustee, Ivor Pliskovac, told the website that once the bankruptcy case is completed, the government will remove the boat. At that point, Koncar can start the marina project. Koncar owner Barbara Perusko said work should finally begin in the next month.