The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) said it will hold its 2017 Marine Law Symposium on January 10, 2017 in Charleston, South Carolina. The training event will cover the roles and expectations of an expert witness and provide attendees with tactics, tips and tools of the trade when preparing for trial.

“From designing a reasonably safe product to handling the customer interface when things don’t go as planned, this continuing education opportunity is a valuable tool for your organisation,” said Dave Marlow, Brunswick Corp’s Director of Product Integrity and Government Affairs, in a statement. Marlow called it a “can’t-miss” event for boatbuilders.

Expert witnesses, manufacturers, surveyors, insurance personnel, underwriters, compliance professionals and others in the marine industry will learn from specialists in marine law and product liability.

“Having a well-credentialed and experienced expert is only part of the equation,” said Christina Paul, a conference speaker and partner at K&L Gates law firm. “It is equally important that the expert can withstand the scrutiny of cross-examination and navigate the pitfalls of deposition.”

The keynote speaker for the event is Margaret Watkins, senior counsel for Under Armour, the rapidly growing athletics brand. Watkins will provide a unique perspective on product safety and compliance.

The sessions include:

  • Product liability and you – Dave Marlow, Brunswick Corp
  • Designing a reasonably safe product – Marcia Kull, Volvo Penta
  • When the customer sues – Christina Paul, K&L Gates

Expert Witness Track:

  • Representing yourself – William Daley, CED Technologies
  • How clients prepare and use experts – Dr Wendy Sanders, Design Research Engineering Inc
  • The role of an expert witness – Caroline Plater, Reed Smith LLP
  • Match the expert to the claim – Gavin O’Hare, CED Technologies
  • After the investigation – Ricard Basom, S-E-A Limited
  • How I will discredit your expert – David Rammelt, Reed Smith LLP