Croatia’s leading marina operator, ACI, has announced plans to invest €21.5m to upgrade Rovinj Marina in Istria. This is an increase on the near €16.5m that it originally planned for a complete revamp of the facility, which currently has 422 wet berths and 40 dry berths for yachts up to 25m (80ft).

The increased investment was announced in a notice filed with the Zagreb bourse and was approved by the ACI board on December 7, 2016. Work on the project has recently started. It will include reconstruction of the marina’s breakwater, some reconfiguring of the berth lay-out to allow for more larger yachts, and new pontoons. Part of the project includes dredging to provide a 4.5m (15ft) depth in the access channel and within the marina.

Many of the berth holders have had to relocate their craft to allow the work to proceed. In addition to the improved berthing, ACI will also develop new services for boat owners but it has not detailed what they are.

ACI says the Rovinj revamp project represents a significant breakthrough in the standards of nautical tourism in Croatia. The superior design, the latest technological solutions and the high level of tailor-made services will enhance the role of the marina as a yachting destination.

Opatija-based ACI operates 22 marinas throughout Croatia and 78.13% of the company is owned by various state agencies. The Turkish Dogus Group owns the remaining 10.78%. Earlier this year ACI was removed from a list of state-owned companies of strategic importance, opening the way in the future for it to be privatised.