Dutch manufacturer AkzoNobel, the parent company of yacht paints and coating brands International and Awlgrip, has announced its commitment to accelerate its sustainability agenda. The firm says it aims to use 100% renewable energy and become carbon neutral by 2050.

“Our ambition to eliminate carbon emissions and use 100% renewable energy by 2050 demonstrates our clear and unwavering commitment to sustainability,” says CEO Ton Büchner.

“We continue to identify areas of opportunity which will drive us forward and help reduce our industry’s dependence on fossil fuels. This new vision for 2050 will propel us further along that path, while enabling us to make a measurable contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

AkzoNobel’s share of renewable energy currently stands at 40%, with almost half the company’s sites around the world having improved their energy footprint in 2016.

The intention now is to increase the momentum which has already been created by the company’s Planet Possible sustainability agenda.

This will include charting a path towards zero carbon emissions and 100% use of renewable energy, and continuing to offer innovative products and services that enable customers to reduce their energy use and carbon impact.

Achieving the 2050 ambition will position the company at the forefront of industry efforts to transform the use of resources throughout the value chain.