Delegates gathered for the 3rd Edition of the Asia Boating Forum held on the 7th- 8th April 2017 at ONE° 15 Marina, Sentosa Cove Singapore. Running concurrent with the Singapore Yacht Show, the Forum attracted industry representatives and affiliated ICOMIA association members.

The Asia Boating Forum (ABF) encompassed sessions which explored a range of issues from overviews of the Asian boating market country-by- country as well as panel and audience discussions on policy development and environmental practices in the Asian marine industry. Delegates were informed on pro-boating policies, cross border regulation, the need for higher awareness of marine conservation and the environmental agenda.

The Boating Forum held over two morning sessions enabled delegates to ask questions about key issues pertinent to their region and country. Industry specialists provided statistical and market updates in Asian market Reports these were presented by:

Speakers: YP Loke (Singapore) Prasetyo (Indonesia) Cheah Su Lin (Malaysia) Aashim Mongia (India) Gamini Herath (Sri Lanka) Vincent Tabutea (Thailand) Ruurd van Putten (Vietnam) Konstantina Rappou (Hong Kong) Mike Derrett (South Korea) and Udo Kleinitz (Japan)

Both speaker and delegate contributions provided an overview of the industry at the present time and highlighted strategies for both development and improvement.

An update was provided on the ICOMIA Asia Project by ICOMIA Secretary General Udo Klienitz who outlined the long term objective of unlocking the region’s potential by providing a comprehensive country by country analysis to identify and understand the obstacles to growth in leisure boating in Asia for all industry stakeholders.

Policy Development in Asia was also a focus with delegates expressing the need for stronger engagement with regulators and public agencies. The panelists provided insights to overcoming obstacles to growth and the strategies that could be deployed.

Panelists: MaryAnne Edwards (Australian International Marine Export Group) Gamini Herath (Boat building Technology Improvement Institute Sri Lanka) Erwin Bamps (Gulf Craft UAE) and Rico Stapel (Thai Marine Business Association )

The concluding session of the forum on the Marine Environment and Conservation enabled delegates to gain a higher awareness of marine conservation and the need for a stronger alignment between boating and the environmental agenda. The panel outlined the importance of a ‘living sea’ where everything is healthy including the ‘ecosystem’ and how management and local strategies can be deployed to obtain effective results benefitting all stakeholders in the marine environment.

Panelists: Christophe Saune (Poralu Marine) John Mimikakis (Environmental Defense Fund) Karenne Tun (National Parks Board Singapore) and Stephen Beng (Nature Society Singapore)

The concept of the three P’s (Planet People Protect) was used to underpin the importance of ensuring marina infrastructure is environmentally friendly and that Marinas should consider the possibility of enhancing their role by raising awareness of the environmental agenda.

Concluding the Forum, YP Loke (Chairman of the Singapore Boating Industry Association) thanked both delegates and panelists for their contribution and said; "While the Boating Forum has been well received by all delegates and speakers, the consensus about future direction and focus must be to encourage and welcome outside agencies both government representatives and marine policy makers to future forums. Together with ICOMIA the SBIA will endeavour to develop strategies to achieve this objective".