In a move to promote the Asia-Pacific region as the world's third superyacht cruising area, Superyacht Australia and Singapore Yacht Events (SYE) are working together for owners and captains. A briefing was held at the Monaco Yacht Show involving captains that have cruised the region to share the message of what this huge area has to offer.

For more than 10 years, the Asia-Pacific region has been talked of as the world’s third superyacht cruising zone along with the Med and Caribbean. After much discussion and lobbying at a number of conferences by various organisations with national governments in the region, the last two years have seen real progress made – particularly in Thailand and Indonesia – with more anticipated in coming months.

An audience of captains and charter brokers engaged with a panel of experts at the Monaco briefing for information on the “best of the best” that the Asia-Pacific region has to offer. The information included secluded anchorage spots, exceptional cuisine, sporting activities, refit and repair facilities, logistics and regulations. The organisers joined forces to showcase the area.

Andy Treadwell, managing director of SYE (organiser of the Singapore Yacht Show and Thailand Yacht Show), invited Captain Carl Brandes and Captain Graeme Hampson of M/Y Glaze and M/Y Titania to offer first-hand perspectives on Asia Pacific. This comprised their favourite mooring spots, anchorages, diving areas and cultural highlights for owners and guests – as well as the preferred yards and agents who they turn to for supplies and maintenance support.

Logistics took centre stage during the briefing, with Treadwell elaborating on a set of new strategic initiatives being discussed with governmental authorities to improve the transparency of cruising regulations in Asia Pacific.

Another prospective key event was also mentioned by Treadwell – the first-ever meeting of ASEAN tourism ministers organised in Bangkok for later this year. It is hoped that the Australian Tourism Minister will also attend this meeting designed to facilitate the harmonisation and simplification of yachting regulations throughout the region.

“By harmonising superyacht cruising regulations throughout South East Asia and the greater Asia-Pacific region, we can help make the area more appealing and easier to navigate, allowing captains to focus on the owner and guest experience as they cruise in these stunning waters,” said Treadwell.

“There is tremendous support from the Thai government to facilitate the yacht charter market in the region and they fully understand the considerable economic impact that the superyacht industry could have for the country, as the Australian government does as well. Everyone is looking towards supporting growth in this sector,” he concluded.

Superyacht Australia is currently in discussions with the Australian Minister for Tourism in regard to making charter regulations in Australia for foreign-flagged vessels welcoming and simplified.

MaryAnne Edwards, CEO of Superyacht Australia, said: “Stronger relationships with governmental authorities, enhanced transparency and consistency in rules and regulations throughout the region, along with the careful guidance of industry leaders, lead many to predict that the region’s status will elevate to the world’s second cruising destination in less than a decade.”