Since launching in 2014, Finland’s Axopar Boats has already built 500 craft, making it one of the fastest-growing such companies in the world. With an order book of 500-plus boats for 2017 alone, Axopar is now taking on more build space and continuing to expand its model range and dealer network to support future growth.

Speaking at the recent Düsseldorf Boat Show, company co-founder and COO Jan-Erik Viitala said: “In partnership with our worldwide dealers, the phenomenal sales success we have achieved means we face the challenge of a full order book and producing up to 500 boats by the end of this year alone.

“In response to the challenge, we have undertaken a long-term investment with our current producer, MPPB JW Slépsk in Augustow, Poland, with construction of a new lamination and assembly facility employing 200-plus co-workers and boatbuilders. The new facility is scheduled for completion in February 2017 and all current Axopar 28 and 37 models will be produced here under one roof.

“Having grown from a start-up company into a fully-formed and rapidly-expanding enterprise, we have strengthened our quality assurance, logistics and senior management team and will use 2017 to stabilise and build upon the enormous success we have received so far,” he said.

To keep generating sales, Axopar has built up a large global dealer network. “With a sales footprint having grown increasingly large in the past 12 months, we are now a truly global boating brand with representation from 50-plus official dealers located all around the world. From Mexico, Columbia, Panama, the Seychelles, the Bahamas, St Maarten, USA, Canada and New Zealand, to Thailand, Australia, Japan and, of course, Europe, we have a global dealer network that continues to expand,” Viitala said.

He added: “In 2017, our biggest single market will be America. In Florida we have two dealers and are continuing to expand our locations throughout the US with next stops being Boston and New York."

Axopar launched its newest model at boot Düsseldorf – the Axopar 37 Sports Cabin, a sleeker, sportier interpretation of the company’s successful cabin and aft cabin versions. This new model is priced at just €82,850 retail with 0% VAT.

The 37 Sports cabin has a steeply-raked front screen and sporty profile, and the ‘hybrid’ nature of the SC places it squarely in-between the fun-inspired sun-top and T-top ‘open-air’ versions, and the more protected, utilitarian nature of the enclosed cabin and aft cabin versions.

Viitala commented: “Similar for other 37’s in the range, those wishing to extend their time spent on the water will enjoy comfortable overnight accommodation for between two and four people. Ideal for island hopping and cruising exploration, the 37 Sports Cabin transforms itself when at anchor into a sociable, comfortable, walk-around platform experience. “

The model includes an electrically opened sliding canvas sunroof, developed together with Webasto, which comes as standard. Together with the two side-opening doors, the saloon can be opened up into a bright and airy living space and combined dinette.

“With 60% of company turnover based on sales outside Europe, we have designed the 37 Sports Cabin version for a global market,” he said. “Axopar boats are now being produced with a ‘one world, one product’ philosophy, with production tolerances, material specifications, performance and aesthetic design intended to satisfy the needs of customers on a truly worldwide scale. This versatile design and ‘one world’ philosophy has resulted in a lot of hard work for us, but much more efficient manufacturing procedures and lower retail prices for our end-user customers.”