Azimut-Benetti Group has reported that in the last four months of 2016 the Azimut Yachts Division recorded a 15% growth in orders valued at €221m. This was against an estimated overall market growth of 8%. The Italian boatbuilder says the total value of the current production is €710m.

The Azimut Yachts Division, which focuses on yachts in the 12m-35m (39.4-115ft), accounts for about 50% of the group’s total revenues. Europe saw the biggest increase with 25%, followed by the Asia Pacific with 18% and the MEA with 12%, whilst the US say a 7% growth. The Americas account for around 50% of Azimut’s global sales, Europe takes 30% and the rest of the world 20%.

“The excellent results delivered by Azimut Yachts were driven both by large yachts (24m-plus), which reported +27% leadership value growth, and smaller boats (up to 13m), which recorded an increase of +18% by value,“ the company says in a statement.

Azimut has also revealed that the Brazilian market performed well, up 28% in comparison to same period a year ago.

Azimut put down the success in Brazil to having stayed put whereas a number of other international builders had left.

At its annual Dusseldorf Boat Show press meeting, Azimut also noted that it has remained as one of the world’s leading yacht builder for the 17th year in a row. According to the Global Order Book 2017, Azimut-Benetti with a record 2,594m (8,551ft) of yachts over 24m under construction at its six production plants.

This included four yachts over 90m (295ft) and three 107m (351ft) with the former delivered and the latter trio due for delivery in 2019 and 2020. “A number of negotiations for yachts over 100m are in progress,” a spokeswoman told IBI.

Speaking about current and future investment, Azimut highlighted the use of carbon-tech. “At present, the company is systematically investing in the extensive use of carbon tech and it is already a reality on a broad range of products, from the smallest 16m (52ft) to the new flagship, the 35m Grande,” the company said.

Azimut has recently invested in a new post-curing oven. The boatbuilder said that the use of carbon can reduce the weight of yachts by 20-40%.

At boot Dusseldorf Azimut is displaying seven yachts ranging from 14m (46ft) to 24m (78ft), Boats on display includes the Atlantis 43 and the Azimut 77S.

In 2017, Azimut will launch six new yachts, including the new S7, 27MT and 35MT. “The first units for these last two models have already been sold before the official presentation, with four units of the 35MT and seven units of the 27MT,” Azimut announced.