In a move to reduce berth waiting times, the Balearic Islands' Port Authority (APB) has introduced a new regulation that oversees the supply of directly managed berths for non-professional recreational craft up to 8m (26ft) in length. The aim of this new regulation is to try and reduce the waiting time for such berths, which currently stands at seven to eight years.

The new ruling, published today in the Official Gazette of the islands, affects berths in “ports of general interest”. Under the ruling, when a boat using one of the berths changes ownership the berth will not be automatically transferred to the new owner.

Waiting lists will also be published and displayed in port areas. To date, the lists have only been available on the APB website. The published lists will now show the applications in order of date, along with the applicant’s name and the date of their application. The lists will be updated bi-annually at the end of application renewal periods in January and July.

Under the ruling, each berth will be assigned to a particular person and specific boat. Berth ownership will not be transferable. In the case of the death of the owner, the berth can only be transferred on submission of testate documents.

The aim is to improve the management of these particular berths, the number of which is unknown. It has not been indicated how much shorter the waiting lists might be as a result of the new rule.