A 150ft (45.5m) aluminium hull for a sailing yacht designed by German Frers that was never completed has been listed on eBay. The bare aluminium hull, which includes a “full engineering package”, has a starting bid of US$50,000 and “Buy it now” price of US$250,000. “Hull is in excellent condition, fully welded and watertight,” reads the listing, adding that the sale is “as is, where is”. The seller is listed as Derecktor Yachts.

Derecktor’s Connecticut yard completed the hull in 2003, according to the listing. The Connecticut yard went into bankruptcy in 2012, though Derecktor’s other businesses have continued.

The Ebay listing links to a brochure about the boat. “Germán Frers, the Argentine designer whose name is synonymous with some of the most famous racing sailboats in the world, provided the naval architecture for the project, while award-winning British superyacht designer John Munford created the interior concept,” reads the brochure. “Derecktor’s skilled craftsmen already have completed 90% of the work on the yacht’s next-generation aluminium alloy hull, and the keel is complete but not yet attached.”

The eBay sale will end next Monday at 10:04 AM EST.