Beds on Board, a sort of boating Airbnb, has recently expanded to France and Australia. In the former an existing business has been acquired and in Australia, a partnership has been formed with leading local marine recreation personalities Darren and Nicky Vaux.

In Australia, Beds on Board is offering a unique way for travellers to spend their holidays in the country. The model works with privately-owned luxury boats berthed at marinas across Australia which can be booked for overnight accommodation on the service, which claims to be the world’s leading boat accommodation platform. The service is unique in that the boats don't move; it is simply the experience of staying on a boat in a marina.

The Australian link-up came about following a meeting between the Vauxs and the Beds on Board founders, Jason and Tim Ludlow, at the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference held in Amsterdam last year.

Darren Vaux says: “The introduction of sharing economy platforms like Beds on Board was inevitable in Australia. The sharing economy provides the opportunity to monetise under-utilised private assets and boats in marinas that are only used around 20 days a year. We also see it as a way of introducing a whole generation of non-boaters to the luxury boating and marina lifestyle in an easily accessible and low-cost way, as well as helping boat owners to offset the cost of boat ownership.”

Beds on Board opens up new accommodation experiences – from budget breaks to luxury coastal or city chic ‘boat room’ stays. Nicky Vaux, who also owns Beaches and Mountains Girls Getaways, comments: “It was a natural tourism opportunity for Australia to have a dedicated boat accommodation service because of its idyllic marine lifestyle and weather.

“Staying on a luxury boat is something most people think is outside their budget, but brings this within reach for everyone,” she adds. “We are looking forward to supporting in bringing these unique experiences to Australia and introducing thousands of people to the boating and marina lifestyle.”

Jason Ludlow believes that Australia is a natural next step for the service. “We have thousands of beds on amazing boats available for rent through the platform in over 60 countries, so we have proven the demand for this unique accommodation,” he says. “Australia and the South Pacific, with its ideal climate and wonderful waterways and marinas, will provide the opportunity for local and international tourists alike to enjoy this great lifestyle.”

In France, Beds on Board acquired the local competitor Boatyng. Nearly of a third of UK tourists visit France and acquired Boatyng is a strategic move which will provide such accommodation options as a houseboat overlooking the Eiffel Tower to a superyacht on the Cote d’Azur.

Ludlow said of this acquisition: “This is a major step in our growth and an exciting addition to the Beds on Board story. We already have boats in over 60 countries and this strategic deal will give immediate benefits to boat owners looking to offset the cost of ownership and guests wanting to holiday in France.”