The awkwardly named London Yacht, Jet & Prestige Car Show (LYJPCS) of the past two years has been renamed Prestige London for the 2017 event. Other changes include a move to the Battersea Evolution centre and a rescheduled date of June 8-10, 2017.

“These changes are in response to exhibitors wishes that the event be held around the height of the London Golden Season to catch people that come in for such events as Wimbledon,” organiser Peter Bryant told IBI. “The move is because we have outgrown the Billingsgate site, so we needed to move anyway. Battersea Evolution is a semi-permanent facility that is up for 10 months of the year and fortunately became available to us.

“The new timing is exactly what exhibitors have been asking for, plus it is about one and a half times as big as Billingsgate so provides much more space,” he added. “The new site is operated by one of London’s leading VIP caterers so they will provide the catering for Prestige London.”

Bryant explained that another change could affect the London On-water Show, which has previously run alongside the LYJPCS. “It is likely that the London On-water Show will be held at a different time because June is not right. It will still be held at St Katharine Docks Marina but we will not make a decision on the dates until after the Southampton Boat Show, having used that to talk with a lot of people.”

He reported that there has been considerable interest from both UK and European dealers about participating in the on-water show. “I have had a lot of enquiry from dealers for yachts smaller that the Princess and Sunseekers that have been in the event previously.”

IBI understands that May is a likely timing for the on-water show.

“From the companies we have spoken to so far, I anticipate that there will be a similar number of exhibitors but that they will take more space,” Bryant told IBI. “For example, one of the luxury car companies that had one vehicle in the show this year is wanting to bring about half a dozen.”

The Prestige London branding may see a more balanced spread across the various areas of the event (yachts, aircraft, property, cars, luxury products etc) than previously and with the percentage of marine falling. The event is not one where business tends to be done, but one where clients can visit their brokers or builders.

The response from a number of the leading builders, especially German yards, that participated this year was that they would assess the real value of the event for their particular interests.