Following a statement last week by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the country’s largest association of boaters, BoatUS, is warning that the Trump administration’s budget proposal “raises concerns” among American boaters.

The association of more than 500,000 boaters said in a statement that slashed budgets could “affect boating safety, access and the health of our waterways.”

BoatUS pointed to deep cuts across the Departments of Commerce and Interior, US Coast Guard, Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency.

“The administration’s budget proposal clearly reflects a different set of priorities over previous years,” said David Kennedy, BoatUS manager of Government Affairs, in the statement.

“Proposed cuts could lead to changes for many programmes that matter to boating. Considering boating’s US$121.5bn impact, we believe this would be short sighted and negatively affect the boating experience for our nation’s 12 million boat owners.”

The US Coast Guard’s funding could be slashed 14% under the proposal while the budget of Department of Homeland Security, which it is administered by, would be raised.

“As the budget process continues, boaters may need to communicate with their members of Congress regarding programs that fund clean-water efforts, clean marina programs, navigation improvements, regional waterway restoration,” said Kennedy, citing programmes impacting the Chesapeake Bay, Great Lakes and Puget Sound as well as boating safety programmes.