Ralph Meloon, whose father started the company that would become Correct Craft in 1925, has died at age 100, according to a company statement.

An inductee into the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Hall of Fame, Meloon was instrumental in helping shape Correct Craft for over 90 years, until his death on 11 August.

“While upholding the tradition established by his father of ‘Building boats to the glory of God’, Meloon held many positions at Correct Craft over the years including president, executive vice president, treasurer, and chairman of the board,” the statement read.

Of particular note over a storied career, Meloon was instrumental in tracking down and paying all creditors back from the 1960 company bankruptcy. He also established the first grassroots waterski promotional program to pull waterski tournaments in the Midwest and shortly thereafter he developed the first waterski promotional program in the US.

Meloon, known as the face of Correct Craft for decades, travelled to 85 countries for the company building the Correct Craft brand and exporting waterskiing boats all around the world.

“Ralph was truly an extraordinary man who always encouraged everyone he met; our team understands that the work we do today was built on his shoulders and we are incredibly saddened by this loss,” said Correct Craft president and CEO Bill Yeargin.

“As I have traveled the globe for our company, people all over the world would ask me about Ralph Meloon. So, as we celebrate Ralph’s life, we recommit ourselves to the values that Ralph so embraced; faith, integrity, and family – those are the things that were important to Ralph.”

Services for Meloon will be announced shortly.