One of New Zealand’s leading boat dealerships claims that a “booming” New Zealand economy bodes well for the success of the upcoming Auckland On Water Boat Show. The event is scheduled to run from September 29 to October 2 at Viaduct Harbour.

Don Senior, who runs the Motor Yacht Centre in Auckland, says there are a lot more enquiries for boats as a result of the economic conditions. "Fair to say the New Zealand economy is running at its best for many years and that has translated into a lot more enquiries, so we expect the Auckland show to be a good one," he says.

Motor Yacht Centre is one of Maritimo’s new partner dealers in New Zealand.

"The Maritimo range of cruising motoryachts is perfectly suited to our boat conditions and the brand is becoming more widely recognised around the world and particularly here in NZ,” Senior claims. "We had a television program on here recently which featured a Maritimo in Malta, so we are certainly reaching some far flung places around the globe."

Maritimo’s Australian and New Zealand sales manager, Ormonde Britton, says the company will display four boats at the Auckland show – the M48, M50, M58 and M61.

Maritimo is currently represented by three dealer partners in New Zealand – Don Senior, Alistair Hool and Bruce McGill. "All three of our dealer partners are highly respected in New Zealand and they bring a level of local knowledge and networking to the Maritimo team that is invaluable," Britton says.