Acatmar, the marinas trade association of Brazil’s Santa Catarina state, has announced that is working with representatives of the city of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, to develop the marina sector surrounding Lake Paranoá.

The Paranoá River was dammed to form the lake, which has a circumference of 80km (50mi). A number of embassies and consulates, sports clubs, restaurants are located on its shores as well as residential areas of Lago Sul and Lago Norte, the University of Brasília, the Olympic Centre and the Palácio da Alvorada, official residence of the President of Brazil.

Acatmar president Leandro Ferrari visited Brasilia last week. The agenda included meetings with the board of the yacht club to discuss the proposal for a marina legal framework.

In addition, the organisation participated alongside the Ministry of Tourism as jury for the National Blue Flag programme. The initiative  analyses the beaches and marinas shortlisted to receive certification this year.

"We are also studying the creation of a working group in the Federal District to assist in the legalisation of marinas and other tools for boating activity. The problems are very similar to what we have in the south," comments Ferrari.