In order to offer a differentiated service and get closer to its customers, the Intech Boating shipyard in the south of Brazil launched, in 2017, the Pit Stop Sessa relationship program. The program was very well received by the market and the board of the company will keep the campaign in 2018.

Pit Stop is a customer relationship program whereby all Sessa Marine and Key Largo boat owners are visited by the shipyard for a general inspection of the boat’s condition, regardless of whether the boat's factory warranty period is in effect or not, or whether the owner is the first owner of the vessel.

Apart from replacement parts, inspection is free. The inspected boat receives a certificate and exclusive seal from the shipyard, attesting that the boat has been checked, valuing the boat even more.

According to Luiz Henrique Galizio, technical assistance manager at Intech Boating: “When we created the program, our intention was to develop a closer relationship with our customers, better understanding how they use our boats, helping them increase their usage experience and improve navigation performance. The feedback we received after this first stage was very positive, which gives us the confidence that we are on the right path to offer an increasingly better service to our customers."

The company has another reason to commemorate, as it closed the year celebrating the good result achieved. With the recovery of the national marine market and the adoption of internal measures to optimise production and resources, it was possible to achieve financial stability, exceeding the billing goal by 30% – the company's best result in the last three years.

"In these 10 years of operation, we have always been down-to-earth and focused on offering a differentiated and durable product. The team showed determination and for 10 years they have been thinking every day about how to transform each boat into a unique and special experience,” said José A Galizio Neto, founder and president of Intech Boating.

A number of actions are planned for 2018, such as expanding the sales network to new markets in Latin America, developing customer relationships and developing new models in partnership with Sessa Italia and CentroStileDesign.