After a year-long governance review, changes to the British Marine board structure have been implemented based on proposals developed and agreed by the former management board.

Under these changes, the British Marine Boat Shows board and the British Marine Council will streamline the governance of the organisation which was a corporate objective in the 2016/17 business plan.

For over seven years, decisions have been governed by an elected management board and a Council made up of all association chairmen, both of whom would meet quarterly. The was in addition to a separately elected British Marine Boat Shows board, whose ideas would then be presented to the Management board for ratification.

Moving forward, there will be one board of directors made up of 14 representatives from membership, which will be reduced to 12 members from the financial year 2018/19 onwards, alongside the CEO of British Marine.

It will include a presidential team comprised of the president, who will serve a one-year term, the president-elect, who will take over as the next president, and the immediate past president. The position of immediate past president will remain unoccupied for the first year of the new board format.

Following the decisions taken at the AGM on  July 11, 2017, the common Board of Directors are:

  • British Marine CEO – Howard Pridding
  • British Marine President – David Pougher, Deep Consulting
  • British Marine President-Elect – Greg Munford, Richardsons Leisure Ltd
  • British Marine Treasurer – Alan Morgan, AM Projects
  • Alice Driscoll, ADPR Ltd
  • Anthony Trafford, Alpha Tango
  • Ann Davies, Napton Narrowboats
  • Ben Metcalfe, Landau UK Ltd
  • Bryan Jones, Sunseeker International Ltd
  • Ian Cooke, Aqualine Marketing Ltd & C-Quip Ltd
  • Louise Fuller, Lester Aldridge LLP (LA Marine)
  • Paul Gullett, Wave International Ltd
  • Paul Martin, BHG Marine Ltd
  • Pip Woods, Rockley Watersports Ltd
  • Will Blagdon, Blagdons Boatyard

More information on the changes in British Marine governance will be included in the next issue of British Marine magazine.