Monaco-based Royal Yacht Brokers (RYB) says it will now accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and precious metals like gold and platinum as payment for yachts and charters.

“The cryptocurrency revolution has spawned a new class of millionaires who enjoy significant profits from speculation and investment,” said RYB CEO Tommaso Chiabra in a statement. “We see this spending power now pervading the luxury industries and are happy to support our clients by implementing the new technology.”

Chiabra said the new forms of payment will lower its fees for yacht charters while saving “significant” time on payment settlements and banking delays. RYB has tapped Goldmoney Inc to process the cryptocurrency and precious metal payments.

RYB is based in Monaco and London. It specialises in yacht sales, charter and management. It has satellite offices in Milan, Dubai, Miami, Bodrum, New York, and Montenegro.