A US District judge ruled this week that BRP might have to pay even more than the US$47m damages awarded by a jury earlier this summer. The ruling increases the award by US$1.5m. It also stipulates that the parties must negotiate a royalty payment plan to Arctic Cat for future sales of Sea-Door watercraft.

In June, the jury ruled that BRP infringed on two patents that Arctic Cat introduced on its Tiger Shark line in 1999, shortly before it exited the personal watercraft sector. The jury calculated that BRP should pay about US$100 each for approximately 52,000 Sea-Doo watercraft sold at retail. The court ruled that the patent infringement was willful, so it tripled the damages.

Earlier this week, the court granted a motion by Arctic Cat for supplemental damages for 5,000 Sea-Doo watercraft sold since the June verdict. That comes out to approximately US$1.5m.

BRP said in June that it would appeal the case.