Brunswick Financial Services has a new name, Boating Services Network, and with it an expanded mission to offer an array of unique services that will “drive growth with consumers, dealers, marinas, and other marine service providers by enhancing the boater experience.”

In a statement issued Thursday, the company said Boating Services Network will build on its current portfolio of retail financing, extended product protection, and boater insurance services offered through dealers, as well as private label warranty and promotional financing programs for boat and engine OEMs, and business-building tools with marketing, employee motivation and other operating services.

“As part of our recently announced Marine Consumer Solutions organisation, Boating Services Network’s ability to support dealers and other industry partners with a comprehensive set of services that drive satisfaction and peace of mind is unmatched,” said David Foulkes, president - Brunswick Marine Consumer Solutions.

Cecil Cohn, vice president of Boating Services Network, said there are significant opportunities to help attract and retain more boating customers. In addition to the financial services, he said, Boating Services Network will create “upstream” services that help attract the next generation of boaters, capitalising on evolving consumer trends and emerging business models and “downstream” services that improve consumers’ peace of mind and enhance the overall boat ownership experience. Which seems to be hinting at both technological and concierge-type services.

“We are committed to servicing the entire boating value stream to better deliver unique and highly valued services to boaters. This new brand effectively communicates our expanded mission, which extends well beyond financing to the marine community,” Cohn explained.