Brunswick Innovation Laboratory has moved into a new building at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Brunswick division will be known as the Brunswick I-JET Lab going forward. The new name is an acronym for Brunswick Illini - Joint Explorations in Technology lab.

"Brunswick will mark its 175th year in business in 2020," said Brunswick chairman Mark Schwabero during an opening ceremony at the new building. "You don't stay in business that long without being innovative, agile and resilient. Technology and innovation have always been important to us, and never more so than today as we see consumers desiring even more in the way of features and connectivity in both marine and fitness."

In 2016, Brunswick ranked among the top 25 Illinois-based companies in securing patents.The Brunswick I-JET Lab works closely with Brunswick corporate and divisional resources to further accelerate Brunswick's progress in areas of high interest, including the Internet of Things, advanced analytics, and a range of human-machine interaction and enhanced user-experience technologies.

More than 100 companies, including industry leaders such as Abbott, John Deere and Yahoo, have facilities within the 200-acre research park, adjacent to the university's campus.

"Our name is on the building and on the door, but what truly excites us is the work that is being done inside by the talented and dedicated researchers and students,” said Schwabero.