Sacrificial anode manufacturer Canada Metal (Pacific) is preparing to open a new manufacturing facility in Norfolk, Virginia as the second phase of its continued expansion into the eastern US.

Last summer the company opened a 14,300sq ft distribution centre in nearby Virginia Beach. “We started with the distribution operation, and it worked out so well that we quickly outgrew the facility,” says CMP president John Mitchell. “We’ve now added a second, larger facility in Norfolk where we will be able to begin casting anodes for commercial clients in eastern North America.”

Mitchell notes that the company is making steady progress in purchasing and installing furnaces and other key equipment at the Norfolk location, with the goal of commencing operations this summer. Additional investment toward establishing a precision die casting operation at the site is also being considered.

CMP’s growth plans have the potential to bring as many as 70 new jobs to the region over the next three years.

Canada Metal (Pacific) operates a 40,000sq ft production and engineering centre in suburban Vancouver, Canada, as well as a 45,000sq ft plant in Ningbo, China. It also has a production facility in Italy through its acquisition of Seaguard Italy.

Headquartered in Delta, British Columbia, CMP brands include Marytr anodes, Rocna and Vulcan anchors, Titan chains, Octopus drive systems and Intellisteer remote steering systems.