Correct Craft’s latest venture, Watershed Innovations, now has a new website. CEO Bill Yeargin told IBI that its newest company is not strictly devoted to the boating industry, but will focus on “transformational technologies” that can be used by its Correct Craft companies.

“After taking a course last fall at Singularity University, I decided it was time for a big investment,” Yeargin told IBI. “I’ve always been interested in the future and our team have prided ourselves on being focused on innovation.”

Watershed’s plans, says Yeargin, are to identify, research and implement transformational technologies at Correct Craft companies. “These technologies include energy, robotics, 3D printing, telematics, data management, virtual/augmented reality, artificial intelligence and others,” he says.

Watershed Innovations is now partnering with the University of Central Florida and entities in the USA and Europe that Yeargin declined to name for “competitive reasons.” The new division will be working with a range of tech companies that could impact the future of boat design.

Watershed plans to eventually expand inside the boating industry and into other industries, says Yeargin, “to help them with what Watershed has learned and done.” The company will “enhance” Correct Craft’s position as a global leader through the relationships it establishes, said Yeargin. He added: “We look forward to working with people around the world in this exciting initiative.”

The new website is