Esenyacht in Bodrum, Turkey, has opened a composite production facility certified to international standards.

Esenyacht general manager Deniz Can comments: “While we are only in our third year of operation, our extensive investment programme and ability to recruit a talented and experienced workforce allows us to offer our clients a modern yard using the latest equipment and processes.”

The superyacht builder will now offer a full range of services for both refits and new-build projects, from engineering, design and running through to the construction of moulds where necessary and actual production. The facility is led by composite department manager Nicholas Beadle together with Emrah Ipek and senior engineer Onur Yildirim. The team works closely with suppliers and consultants to ensure best practise and exchange ideas on new processes and technology.

The facility offers vacuum infusion and pre-preg, and has a 4-axis CNC milling machine, calibration equipment, Airtech vacuum systems and two ovens; one fixed and the other portable. The fixed oven measures 21m x 5m and is rated up to 120°C. The full range of structures and components can be produced, from hatches and tenders to booms, masts and superstructures.

Current projects include the deck hatches for the 50m performance sailing sloop Troy together with the 63m rig, boom and 20m superstructure for the yacht. Upcoming projects include a high-spec racing boat, components for a large sailing vessel and a 15m high-speed powerboat for a data-testing programme.