Norwegian yacht designer Espen Thorup has returned to Nordkapp Boats to develop the company’s next four to five models. Nordkapp owner Ronny Antonsen told that Thorup will develop the boats instead of Eker Design, which handled Nordkapp’s most recent model – the flagship Noblesse 790.

Nordkapp spent more than 20 years working with Espen Thorup, who gave the boats their signature look with clean, modern lines. In 2014 the company announced a new partnership with Bård Eker of Eker Design. Eker, however, had just signed a contract with Finland’s Konekesko for the design of the new Yamarin 790 – a model that competes directly with the Nordkapp Noblesse 790.

“Even though we had a good relationship with Espen Thorup for many years, we wanted to test something new and use Bård Eker. But now is the right time to move on again with Espen Thorup," Ronny Antonsen told the website. "We want to strengthen ourselves as producers of premium boats to quality oriented customers."

According to, Nordkapp sold 12 Noblesse 790s after it was launched at the Oslo International Boat Show in March, but only two units have since been delivered. One of the main reasons was a delay in getting products from subcontractors such as windshields.

“I’ve always looked up to Ronny Antonsen and his enthusiasm for new ideas and I look forward to the restart of this cooperation,” Espen Thorup told

Both Espen Thorup and Bård Eker have designed boats for different brands and producers over the years. Thorup also works with Finland’s Bella Boats as the main designer for the Bella, Flipper and Aquador motorboat brands.