Exalto Emirates, a Dubai-based wholesaler/distributor of marine equipment, has launched a new e-commerce website with around 14,500 products that can be ordered online. The site (www.exalto-emirates.com) includes technical tips and tricks, installation videos and product specifications.

Retail customers can shop for products, checkout with a credit card payment and receive delivery to their door. Trade Customers can log in, and benefit from professional discounts.

The site was launched on the first day of the 2018 Dubai International Boat Show earlier this month. “The project is many years in the making and we now see the fruits of our hard labour and are very proud of the result,” says Exalto Emirates general manger, John Paul.

Exalto Emirates LLC was founded in 1995 and is a wholesaler/distributor of marine equipment. The company represents over 87 international marine manufacturers of marine parts, equipment and accessories, supplying to the pleasure, commercial and military marine industries.