Finnish boabuilder Axopar is continuing its frenetic pace of product development with the launch at boot Düsseldorf of the Axopar 28, several redesigned models and the innovative Brabus Shadow 800.

Announced at Cannes last year, the joint venture between Axopar and Brabus, the luxury German automotive engineering company, has started its new cooperation with the Brabus Shadow 800. This is designed to be a shadow boat for a larger yacht, or a high-performance day/weekend cruiser, sportsboat or tender to a larger superyacht. A special edition batch of 20 boats is to be built with each one selling at just under €400,000.

Jan-Erik Viitala, CEO and joint founder of Axopar, told IBI: “We will build 20 of the Shadow 800 as a special edition starting in April and after that we plan to build 50 to 100 a year. We are building a dedicated factory in Poland just for the Brabus models.”

The Brabus Shadow 800is 11.2m (36.75ft)-long and is based on the Axopar 37 model but with many additions, including an exclusive Alexseal high-gloss yacht paint finish in gun metal grey. The front cabin layout in cool grey is fitted out with Brabus fine leather detailing.

The cockpit can seat seven people and accommodation berths are available for up to four with an optional additional aft cabin. The Shadow 800 can have 10 people on board under Cat B regulations or 12 under Cat 3. The craft is powered by two 400hp Mercury Verado 400R outboards giving a maximum speed of 50kt-plus. Its range at 35kt is about 250Nm.

Viitala told IBI: “This is a boat for a superyacht owner. He will take the wheel and find places that they can cruise to. The Shadow 800 has a minimum of 0.9m so that it can go in very shallow places and can also be beached.

As to the triple award-winning Axopar 28, this has been totally reworked including a new hull and is being produced in the Open, T-Top and Cabin versions. Everything from the hull stringers, transom, engine mounting and other features have been revised. This produces a stronger and stiffer craft with an enhanced level of fit and finish than previously.

In its short history Axopar has had very strong sales amounting to over 1,000 units in a very few years and it has another 500 orders for 2018. Viitala told IBI: “We are still trying to develop sufficient manufacturing capacity to meet the demand from our dealers and we will reach a point where we will be able to meet the demand later this year.

“We are producing six Axopar 37 models a week and six Axopar 28 models a week,” he added. “We will ramp up the 28 production to eight a week soon.” The company continues to expand its dealer network which current includes 60 dealers across 35 countries.

For the future the company is looking to move up to 45ft with larger models for both the Brabus and Axopar ranges.