Two former employees of Legendary Marine, which has retail locations in Florida and Alabama, have been charged by prosecutors for allegedly defrauding the dealership of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fred Pace and his wife, Leslie Pace, and fellow Legendary employee Andrew Crisp, have been charged with fraud and racketeering, according to

The Florida State Attorney’s office said that the Paces and Crisp misappropriated money and resources between 2010 and 2014. The statement said that the number equalled “hundreds of thousands of dollars of money, funds, credit, labour, services and equipment that belonged to Legendary Marine.”

It continued: “It is further alleged in court documents that Mr Pace and Mr Crisp used their positions in the business to self-deal in multiple sales transactions at Legendary Marine for their own personal gain."

The website said that an affidavit said the alleged misdeeds included charging thousands of dollars of personal expenses on company credit cards, manipulating sales deals to divert profits into kickbacks, and negotiating deals for equipment owned by Legendary Marine to be used privately.

The Paces did not comment on the allegations, and could not locate Andrew Crisp.