Michael Schmidt Yachtbau (MSY) in Germany has started construction of a 72ft explorer sailing yacht for the Siemens Foundation in Switzerland. This ultra-clean, wind-powered research vessel will be used worldwide by the Max Plank Institute for Chemistry to study biogeochemical cycles in the ocean’s surface and interior from the tropics to polar regions.

The 72ft research vessel was designed as an economical and hyper-efficient explorer, serving as the ideal base for sophisticated sampling gear to be deployed in all kinds of waters. Based on MSY’s knowledge and experience of seaworthiness and safety in all conditions, 50% of the interior will be transformed into a clean laboratory and the cockpit will have a fully closed deck salon to ensure maximum safety for scientists and crew for their work.

The boat will carry its own clean seawater and atmospheric intake systems to warrant that sampling can be conducted without any diesel and other contaminations. Initially, a multi-year cruise track for seasonal studies in the North Atlantic is planned, from the tropics, subtropics, mid-latitudes to the polar North Atlantic, followed by cruises to the Southern Ocean and the east Pacific.

“We are proud that The Siemens Foundation has chosen MSY because of the 40 years of experiences Michael Schmidt has in the sailing yacht industry,” reads a company statement. “Michael stands fully behind this project together with Johannes Malzahn, partner and CEO of Michael Schmidt Yachtbau. MSY plans to convert this experience into a modified version with a different coach roof and interior for passionate sailors who like to explore the world.”

MSY is a new company that formed in 2016. Michael Schmidt himself is founder and former CEO of Hanse Yachts.