SVP Yachts, the parent of Greenline, Shipman Carbon Yachts and L30 Class sailboats, has announced that it will now accept Bitcoin for all boats sold.

A growing number of companies accept Bicoin, ranging from Ferrari to Tesla to Microsoft. In the boating industry, several charter agents and yacht brokers accept the cryptocurrency, but Slovenia-based Greenline is thought to be the first among boatbuilders.

“As our company strives towards technological development on the sustainability of powering our leisure time on the water, we also follow and encourage technological development and disruption in other industries,” said Vladimir Zinchenko, CEO of SVP Yachts, in a statement.

Zinchenko called the move towards blockchains a “revolution” and said the company “believes in the principals of this truly disruptive technology.”

Bitcoin and a half-dozen other cryptocurrencies have seen dramatic gains in the last seven years, with a single Bitcoin reaching a record value of US$19,783 on December 17. The currency is volatile and fell 20% two days later to US$15,000. It is currently trading at $10,772.